Dear Natural Ambassador Service Provider (Natural Hair Ambassador),    

We at are really excited that you have chosen to partner with as in building this platform for the natural hair community.  

We love that you have developed a brand that speaks to US as naturals and we hope that this platform will launch your brand and service into spaces that may not have been accessible before.
In order to maintain a standard of quality information for natural hair products we have established a protocol that will ensure your service is placed on the site.  

For the sake of uniformity, clear and accurate information, we request that you complete the document below giving us information about your service.   We also request an invitation to experience your service (salon etc.).

We will publish an article about your space and our experience as part of the information as user can expect. (Please see an example of such here:    

Customer bookings are completely your responsibility and we hope that you will service clients as best as possible.  

There is no charge to be featured on the site but we would appreciate sponsorships of product services to be used in competitions and giveaways, which will promote the website.  

We are #buildinganempire and as always, everyone is invited!  

Happy Everything Nyaki
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